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We hereby quote our most competitive rates for the supply of Heating Spare Parts like Electric Thermostats,Electric Geyser Safety Valves,Gas Regulators,GasThermostats,HeatingElements,Oven Thermostats,Pilots,Pressure Relief Valves,Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves,Regulators,Stove Igniters,Safety Valves,Turnspit (Rotisseries Motors),Thermostats,Thermocouples and Thermometers etc to a name of few with high quality assurance. Our quality conscious, varieties and commitment will give you pleasant surprise for always. We would like to inform in your goodself that we are different competitors in the field of Heating Spare Parts in whole Pakistan as compare to other competitors, we assure that you will find us aloof rather then others, so we give suggestion you to purchase such Heating Spare Parts with high quality assurance. We hope you will feel free to contact us in the matter of such Spare Parts.


Heating Spare Parts

We hereby introduce ourselves  as Importer of

the following items and we supply these items

to the needy & required persons at suitable rates.


Thermostats                       Pilot

Thermometer                      Gas Regulators 

Heating Elements                Stove Igniter

Electric Thermostats           Safety Valve

Oven Thermostats              Turnspit (Rotisserie Motor)

Thermocouple                     Back More Detail