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We hereby quote our most competitive rates for the supply of Home Appliances like Air Conditioners, Desert Coolers, Deep Freezers, Electric Water Coolers, Electric Water Heaters, Gas Room Heaters, Gas Water Heaters, Refrigerators, Gas Cooking Ranges, Gas Stoves, Microwave Oven, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines, Water Dispensers, Instant Gas Water Heaters etc to a name of few with high quality assurance. Our quality conscious, varieties and commitment will give you pleasant surprise for always. We would like to inform in your goodself that we are different competitors in the field of Home Appliances in whole Pakistan as compare to other competitors, we assure that you will find us aloof rather then others, so we give suggestion you to purchase such Home Appliances with high quality conscious. We hope you will feel free to contact us in the matter of Home Appliances.


Microwave Ovens (Imported)


Type                      Model                      Type                      Model

20 Liters Manual              WP 800   P20                    23 Liters Digital                WD 900   AL23-Z1        

20 Liters Manual              WP 800   L20 - K2            28 Liters Manual              WP 800    P28-2  

20 Liters Digital                WP 800   AL20 - K2          30 Liters Digital               WP 900    AP30-2

23 Liters Manual              WP 900   L23 - 7               30 Liters Digital               WD 900    AP30-2    

23 Liters Digital                WP 900   AL23 - 7            38 Liters Digital               WP 1000   AP38

23 Liters Manual              WP 900   SL23 - 5S


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