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We hereby quote our most competitive rates for the supply of Cooling Spare Parts Air Conditioner Valves Capacitors,Compressors,Copper Coils,Copper Pipe Insulation,Capillary Coils,Capillary Tube,Condenser Fan Motor,Disc No Frost,Door Switch,Defrost Timers,Danfers,Filter Dryers,Filtro Saldar,Filtro Meccanico,Filtro Disidratore ,Freon Gas R-11, R-12, R-134, R-404, R-141 B,Foil Tape,Fan Blades,Fan Capacitor,Gasket,Insulation Tape,Knobs,Overheat Protector,Preezer Unit Filter,Pipe Insulation,Refrigeration Gas,Refrigerator No Frost Motor,Refrigerator Fan & Motors,Relay,Running Capacitor,Seal Tapes,Selector Switch,Strainers,Switch,Stand for Motor,Starting Capacitor,Starter,Service Valve,Solenoid Valve,Thermostat for Air Conditioner,Thermostat for Water Cooler,Thermostat for Deep Freezer and Thermometers etc to a name of few with high quality assurance. Our quality conscious, varieties and commitment will give you pleasant surprise for always. We would like to inform in your goodself that we are different competitors in the field of Cooling Spare Parts in whole Pakistan as compare to other competitors, we assure that you will find us aloof rather then others, so we give suggestion you to purchase such Cooling Spare Parts with high quality assurance. We hope you will feel free to contact us in the matter of such Spare Parts.


Refrigeration Spare Parts


Filter Dryers                                    Copper Pipe Insulation

Compressor                                    Insulation Tape

Condenser Fan Motor                     Foil Tape

Refrigerator No Frost Motor           Timer

Copper Pipe                                    Relay

Thermostat for Air Conditioner       No Frost Motor

Thermostat for Water Cooler          Fan Blades

Thermostat for Deep Freezer         Starting Capacitor &

Air Conditioner Valves                    Running Capacitor

Capillary Tube                                 Fan Capacitor

Freon Gas R-11, R-12, R-134, R-404, R-141 B.

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